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About Us – This site is dedicated to those of you and your loved ones who suffer from anxiety disorders. Living with anxiety can have seriously damaging effects on your life. Coping can seem as insurmountable as gaining the understanding and courage needed to seek help and relief from anxiety.

At AnxietyWellness.org you will find thoughtful and carefully researched compilations of first rate articles, stories and professional studies written by experts from around the world. We also provide reviews and links of self-help books, public domain information, products, and course materials considered to be of the highest quality. By purchasing these products and donating to this site you are contributing to keeping this site healthy and making it available to the community.

We at AnxietyWellness.org know what it means to live with the fears of anxiety and many of our contributors have also experienced these problems first hand. This site was created to serve as your help guide to relief from anxiety and panic attacks. We hope you find it helpful.

Please forward any questions or comments to admin@anxietywellness.org

Thank you for visiting AnxietyWellness.org.

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