What does stress do to your body?

What does stress do

Stress seems like a normal part of everyday life for most of us, and our bodies deal well with short-term stress. Long-term, chronic stress is a different matter however; it can disrupt the way your body works. Stress could be caused by work pressure, financial worries, your personal life or other factors, but the key …

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How to Deal With Bad Coworkers

bad coworkers

We?ve all been there. The guy in the cubicle next to us makes lewd jokes seemingly on a daily timer. One of the gals in sales clearly doesn?t do her part and leeches on the work of others. A fella on your team has taken credit for your great idea that?s now being implemented. In …

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The Best Way to Care for Someone with General Anxiety Disorder


Family support is often the most important way to help. Having a spouse or other family member with?generalized anxiety disorder?(GAD) or another form of anxiety is not easy to handle. In addition to the usual challenges that marriage brings, this disorder often piles more responsibility on the partner who does not suffer from anxiety. According …

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